Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5 - Wallpaper.....'s not just for grandma's house any more!

I love love love the look of beadboard! After doing some research and thinking though I almost gave up on this wonderful look. I would have to remove baseboards and reinstall them. Put up the panels of beadboard, which at $40 a sheet is not cheap. All this thinking made me sadly give up the idea until I found paintable prepasted beadboard wallpaper! $21.00 a roll and it does something like 56 square feet. I can do wallpaper and I can paint!

I got 2 rolls for the kitchen. More than enough to do that. I decided to go to just under the cupboards. The chair rail stayed where it is and I kept it stained cuz it matches the oak cabinetry.

You just measure and cut your strips.

Now wet your paper in warm water to activate the paste and book it. Booking paper means to put the pasted sides together without creasing it. Let all the excess water drip off. I used the bathtub for this since I do believe that my wallpaper trough has found another purpose of holding gook in the garage.

Apply it to your wall and smooth flat getting out all the air bubbles. I used my hand since the anaglyptic wallpaper is fragile. If you are not careful you can remove the embossing on the paper. Once it is dry, I let mine dry overnight, you can paint.

I love the look of it! It cleans up so easily too. You can also see the finished countertops here in the kitchen. I used the same method as in the bathroom to do these. Back to the wallpaper, I painted mine with a high gloss pure white I had leftover from another painting job. The cleanup on it is wonderful. You can also patch holes from hanging pics, or a towel rod that happened to be in the wrong place, with some spackle and simply touch up the paint.

Since 2 rolls was more than enough to do the kitchen, I used the leftover to also do the bathroom.

I still have some leftover for a future project. The total cost for the 2 rooms was $48.00 compared to $500+ for just the kitchen and alot of work.

I was worried about how easy it would be to remove incase I do change my mind. My 2 year old answered that question. She got "bored" on the potty chair and had a ball ripping of a big hunk of it. So it comes off pretty easy. Also repairs easy though. I just took some Elmer's glue, glued it back in place and then repainted it. Can't even tell!


  1. I'm getting ready to do this treatment in my dining room I think. Or maybe up my stairway. Or perhaps the craft room. Yeah. So thanks for the humor and tips! Love to read your posts :o)

  2. I really want to try this stuff on my cabinets...but they are cabinets from hell, so not sure! LOL
    Yours look awesome btw!!!

  3. Hi there - your kitchen and bathroom look great! Where did you find your beadboard wallpaper? I feel an idea coming on for my laundry closet....

  4. I ordered this from Home Depot online. It's about 22.00 a roll that does about 56 sq ft.