Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 3 & 4 - Sidetracked!

I was going to start on the entryway at the back door. But I chickened out. I've been neglecting the bathroom for quite awhile now, so I thought that I should make an attempt to do something to it.

While I have been doing this house, I've been trying to remember one thing in each room that I loved when we were looking at the house to buy it. To be honest, all I can remember about this bathroom is that I liked my old bathroom better. Ok, one good thing is that it is 1' longer than the old one. So there ya go, one good thing.

Anybody else have these ugly old gray formica countertops?

I feel for ya if you do. I just drool over granite countertops. Have to take a nitro pill when I see the price though! So with a wild hair firmly growing up my buttocks, I set about to change it.

I peeled off the backsplashy thingy on the wall....

It popped off which was kinda scary. Usually these things start off bad from the start!

Then I sanded the "gloss" and dried up nail polish from the countertop. I also scrapped any leftover caulk too. The whole thing was primed with Kilz....

The faucet is new. I would love to act like I was Wonder Woman and replaced this also this weekend. But I didn't. Then I painted with 3 coats of SW Caviar. This was leftover from painting a bench, but I cheated on it. Sherwin Williams does quarts for sample colors for $5.00! They only sell it in flat finish though. It was perfect for this project though since I am putting a high gloss finish on it. Being the pro that I am, ok being the lazy person I am, I let it dry overnight.

You can see the sample in the sink. Teehee! Then 3 coats of urethane....

I love it! Now to keep everyone out of the ONLY bathroom in the house for the next 3 days. The backsplash will be done after about a week when the urethane is totally cured.

I do have a few painting tips though for you!
* When working in a tight space, watch where your butt is going. You can ruin a good pair of pants that way!

* No paint liner? Tinfoil works great in a pinch. Such an easy cleanup for pennies too!

While the paint was drying I did sneak in some shopping.

New towels from Walmart. Bath towels $3.50, hand towels $2.50 and an 18 pack of washcloths $3.50.

New shower curtain $20.00

New rug $6.00

This take 2 days with drying time in there. While it was drying, I did have time to "surf the blogs". I found this really cute tutorial on how to make pumpkins out of old sweaters. Since I didn't have any old sweaters, I kinda changed it up from a no-sew project to one with one seam.

So here is my version of the...

Shabby Chic Pumpkin

I used muslin for this. I cut off a piece, folded it in half and sewed a simple seam on the edge to make a tube.

Then I took some polished hemp and wrapped it seven times from my thumb to my elbow. I cut the strings in half and tied a knot. Then I slipped it through the tube....

I gathered the end with the knot up and wrapped a rubberband around the end.

Then I turned it inside out, put some beans in the bottom and filled it up with fiberfil. Once I was happy with how full it was, I wrapped another rubberband around the end to close. Then I pulled each of the strings up and tied them off at the top. To finish it, it tore some strips of ticking fabric, wrapped them around the end to form a stem and tied it in a bow.

Voila! A shabby chic pumpkin!

And that is all folks! I would post a recipe, but Ronald would not give out the one for his special sauce. Good thing, cause that always sounded so wrong to me!

Would love to know what you think about the project here though!


  1. What's this? A discovery of another blog?! Can't wait to see more!

    The bathroom vanity looks amazing! GREAT job! And thanks so much for the tutorial! :)


  2. Love the "new" countertop. My mom should have done that to her 1970 countertop instead of installing new ones. I LOVE the pumpkin. I haven't seen a rubberband pumpkin. I will feature this at Grab my "featured" button.

  3. I REALLY want to paint my kitchen countertops. I mean really bad. Gross doesn't come close. I love how brave your were, and love the tips about keeping my butt outta the way. :o) Your transformation looks great! I'm gonna follow...would love to have you pop over to my place for my first ever giveaway...
    peace, cindy

  4. Wow - your countertop looks great! I emailed your link to my best friend. She wants to redo her kitchen on a small budget. Thanks so much!


  5. The countertop looks awesome! And that pumpkin is so cute!

  6. Great counters! LOVE the little pumpkin!

  7. Looks great! I never would have had the courage to paint laminate. Amazing difference, though!

  8. the pumpkin is the real star here - love it! may have to try that

  9. The countertop looks great. Unfortunately we went with textured laminate and I don't know if we can redo them without them being all lumpy.

    Thanks for joining my linky party, I hope to see you there again!

  10. You did Fabulous! Such a big job it seems like!
    I signed up as a follower and would love it if you did the same!

  11. How funny, my transformation is painted countertops too! Be sure and check them out if you get a chance. I wasn't quite as thrilled with the results as you were, yours look great, love the high gloss finish!

  12. What a great job!! I would have never thought about doing that to my countertops. Amazing transformation.

  13. Great ideas! That is such a wonderful transformation!

  14. I can't believe how awesome your counter looks!!! You are one brave soul!! love your blog & will follow!

  15. Wow, Maggie! What a FANTASTIC job! This is my first time on your post and I am so glad this is what you had -- because I was thinking of doing this to MY bathroom formica top too! THANK YOU for sharing! I am going to put your post in an online folder so I can refer to it. Thank you, teacher!!
    Best regards,

  16. Hi.. I stumbled upon you just right now... So it's been about a year since you did the counter top.. how is it holding up??.. any scratches or peeling?.. My bathroom gets really steamy.. does that have any effect on it.?