Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 13 - Window Topper

So I finally figured out a treatment thing to do to the bathroom window.

I came up with this....

A little something sheer to draw attention to the shutters.

If you would like to know how I did it you can find it here. You will also find....

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 11 - A Shuttering Experience!

I bet you are expecting a Halloween post huh?


I was back in the bathroom this weekend. Besides being in the girls room also. See I got this....

So I got these....

8.00! I looked at these new online for about 150.00 for that itty bitty window. Pffft! I almost gave up the idea of having these in the bathroom. When I was growing up we had these in our main bath and I really liked them. But not in bright 1970 aqua like we had.

So I spray painted them....

Why spray paint? They looked like a real PITA to paint with a brush and I was just too lazy. After I sprayed them I brought them in to my hi-tech painting area and went to work. I lightly sanded them to distress them a bit and then wiped on watered down dark brown craft paint.

You can see each of the steps here going from right to left. Then I hinged them together so if by some miracle they ever are opened they will fold up accordion style. Then I hinged it to the inside of the window frame. I won't try to explain how I did this cause I gave new meaning to the saying "monkey screwing a bowling ball". Not real sure what I was doing but I got it done!

So... what do you think of the new treatment?

I'm not too sure about the shabby look of the shutters though. I am still trying to decide if I like it or should paint them the same at the trim.

Whatcha think?!

Posted at Metamorphosis Monday and I apologize that I am such a dork! I forgot to change the title from the faux countertops to this shutter one.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 8 - Dominoes

I saw this next project on a new blog that I found chock full of good ideas.

This was one such project!

I saw these at Shanty 2 Chic and immediately knew what I was going to do with them.

They were sooo easy to make! Ignore the ugly light in the middle, that is on my list to redo.

I scrounged in the garage for some wood. I found these leftover scraps and decided to put them to use.

These are 12 x 12 so I cut them in the middle. I then rounded the corners with the sander. I painted them with SW Modest White.

I know you are jealous of my fabulous painting table area thingy. Kitchen tables and veggie cans work great! I did use pumpkin cans to be in the fall mood though.

Anyways, after they were dry, I made a circle out of paper to use for a stencil. You can see it sitting on the table. I used a magic marker to make the dots and the dividing line. I used electrical tape to mark off a line. I like how the marker is faded making them look old.

I also took the sander to them again and distressed the edges and corners. I then went over the whole thing with dark walnut stain to give them a vintagey look. Sawtooth hangers on the back and I was done.

The numbers are our address. I had seen people put their address numbers over their sinks. I am putting ours on the back door, so I didn't want too much repitition.

So, what do you think?!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 7 - It's a Pleat Thing!

I am by no means a girly girl. I don't think I have a feminine bone in my body. My idea of being dressed up is wearing anything but sweats. So, ruffles are not my thing. I'm not saying I dislike ruffles, they are just not fitting on me. I am a pleat girl though.

I love me some pleats!

It's evident around the house too. So let's make some pleats!

First, you need to measure the length of where you want the pleats. I will use the bedskirt I made as an example. I measured the outside edges, both sides and the bottom of the box spring. Next I measured how long I wanted the pleats to be. For example, the top of the box spring to the floor.

I then determined where I wanted the pleats to fall. I knew that I wanted a pleat at each corner so I stuck a pin in the center of the corner. I then determined, using my measurements, how far apart each pleat would be. I stuck a pin at those increments to see how it would all work out.

I added 3" to the length of the skirt, 1/2" for a seam at the top and 2 - 1/2" for a hem. I added 6" to the width between pleats. For example if my pleats are 12" apart, I added 6" to that. I cut out the individual pleat sections that I needed. I also added up the amount of pleats I would have and cut sections 6" x length of skirt + 3" for each pleat.

Do I still have you or did I confuse you?

Here is a view of one 6" section with a between pleat section on either side. Now you are going to make one long strip in this manner : Between pleat section, 6" section, between pleat section, 6" section.... Keep repeating til all sections are used. Use a 1/2" seam allowance throughout.

Now with a pin, mark the center of each 6 " section. Fold with the pin on the fold. Mark 5" from the pin and 5" down from that point. This will be your sewing line for your pleat. Sew all your pleats. Taking each pleat individually, lay it flat with right side up on an ironing board and iron flat.

Cut a piece of material the size of your box spring plus 1/2" all the way around. I used an old sheet. I left the finished edge of the sheet at the head of the bed to not have to finish a raw edge. Pin your pleat strip to this piece and sew the top edge seam. Put on bed and pin your hem. Sew.

You are now done. I do like the look of a button at the middle of the pleat. I love doing this detail on my pleats. I simply covered a button for each pleat and sew in place.

My finished bed skirt. Shamelessly copied from this....

$20.00 for my version, $100.00 for theirs.

In fact, I like them so much they have also turned up here....

I call these "Peek a boo" pleats cause the underpleat is a different pattern than the outer fabric. This one I used a thin black piping at the hemline.

A closer view of the kitchen valance. You can see the piping, button and underpleat. The kitchen valances were a no cost do. Everything was leftover from previous projects!

Do you know how much I love pleats?

In case I totally confused you, here is a post I made about this on my other blog.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 6 - Stairs

So taking one thing in each room that I loved when we bought this house and in the foyer would be the stairs. Ok, there are two things in the foyer,the front door also. That has yet to be done.

I liked the staircase cause in out old bungalow the staircase was enclosed. This is partially open with an oak bannister. The spindles were painted by the previous owners. I have yet to get the "let's change out the spindles" wild hair so they are still there.

The carpet is ugly though. It would definitely have to go. No telling what is under there either. So after much whining and crying, it got ripped out. It was not pretty either. My talented husband replaced all the treads with stained oak treads. He had to cut each one individually since it seems the staircase is wider at the bottom than at the top. I was in charge of painting.

Now, the normal person would have been content with them and moved on. I am by no means normal. After alot of coffee and a box of GS Thin Mint cookies (i gained 15 lbs just by being co-leader this year) I got an idea. The next day....

They had a whole new look! I love them now and I get so many compliments too. But why stop there?!

Now the top of the stairs looks plain and boring. The landing is too narrow to put anything up there to get your interest. What is a girl to do?

THIS!! I saw this graphic on a website. I immediately fell in love with it. $500.00!! I can do that for less. I copied down everything, made a stencil, painted the wall chocolate brown and stenciled the wall. I make it sound so easy! It took me two weeks to do. The first attempt did not turn out so well so I had to start over. I love the whole thing now. I still have yet to paint here, but I just decided on a color for it.

I see a new project in the near future!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5 - Wallpaper.....'s not just for grandma's house any more!

I love love love the look of beadboard! After doing some research and thinking though I almost gave up on this wonderful look. I would have to remove baseboards and reinstall them. Put up the panels of beadboard, which at $40 a sheet is not cheap. All this thinking made me sadly give up the idea until I found paintable prepasted beadboard wallpaper! $21.00 a roll and it does something like 56 square feet. I can do wallpaper and I can paint!

I got 2 rolls for the kitchen. More than enough to do that. I decided to go to just under the cupboards. The chair rail stayed where it is and I kept it stained cuz it matches the oak cabinetry.

You just measure and cut your strips.

Now wet your paper in warm water to activate the paste and book it. Booking paper means to put the pasted sides together without creasing it. Let all the excess water drip off. I used the bathtub for this since I do believe that my wallpaper trough has found another purpose of holding gook in the garage.

Apply it to your wall and smooth flat getting out all the air bubbles. I used my hand since the anaglyptic wallpaper is fragile. If you are not careful you can remove the embossing on the paper. Once it is dry, I let mine dry overnight, you can paint.

I love the look of it! It cleans up so easily too. You can also see the finished countertops here in the kitchen. I used the same method as in the bathroom to do these. Back to the wallpaper, I painted mine with a high gloss pure white I had leftover from another painting job. The cleanup on it is wonderful. You can also patch holes from hanging pics, or a towel rod that happened to be in the wrong place, with some spackle and simply touch up the paint.

Since 2 rolls was more than enough to do the kitchen, I used the leftover to also do the bathroom.

I still have some leftover for a future project. The total cost for the 2 rooms was $48.00 compared to $500+ for just the kitchen and alot of work.

I was worried about how easy it would be to remove incase I do change my mind. My 2 year old answered that question. She got "bored" on the potty chair and had a ball ripping of a big hunk of it. So it comes off pretty easy. Also repairs easy though. I just took some Elmer's glue, glued it back in place and then repainted it. Can't even tell!